Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Collection" Runway Round-Up - Joseph Domingo's Show Shined Like My New Pair Of Shoes

"The Collection" fashion show was  great. I really wish that I could have posted this a day after but alas I have prior engagement and this post had to wait. I think it was always interesting to see photos of me during a show, for some reason I always look so intense, I dont know why. I suppose that's why most people wear sunglasses on the front row. I would like to thank the designers and the PR people for extending the invite and providing great accommodations. I was very humbled. I really wished that all my pictures came out alright (From where I was sitting on front row and to the spot where I was pointing my camera, I didn't realize that the spotlight would have a drastic effect on the image) alas, it didn't so I have to borrow profesional photographers' pictures for this post. Thanks to Ron Fulcher and Warren DiFranco.

Daniel Sudar

Great suits, I personally love the first suit that came out with the calf length pants. The printed/textured suits were a bit reminiscent of Marlon Gobel to me but All the pieces were interesting. The women's pieces were structured but sexy as well. I don't really think I can pull off the last piece which was showing a bit of skin and held by tiny ropes. Reminds of me of a Minstrel at a Ren. fair but other than that, I loved the Revolver collection. The double lapel suit? LOVE!

Acta Non Verba

I love the provocative-ness of the collection. The striped, mini-dress was a bit risque because of the hiking up of the bottom half but my favorite looks were the one that featured the basket weave detail. This was my "bonus" show I was originally invited to Daniel and Joseph's show only, so honestly, I didn't  really know what to expect.

Joseph Domingo

Saved the best for last. To the bloggers, like myself, and other individuals who have been lucky enough to get invited to a high-fashion, top calibre show (i.e. NYFW, Milan or Paris) you would know what I'm talking about. The exhilaration of witnessing something great. That's what I felt when I saw this show, the "rush" of witnessing a great fashion show. Everything came together, music, model que and of course the collection. I love, LOVE the collection. From the swimwear to the casual wear and to the chic formal wear. I love the ease of how the gowns flowed, it didn't seemed forced. The design and the fabric spoke for themselves. The menswear did not take a back seat either, which what happens to a dual collection. I loved every piece from the simple, chic to more flamboyant pieces. The suits paired with great leather sandals was on trend and the sequined piece with the bermudas? LOVE! Bravo, Joseph Domningo! Bravo, indeed.

Now As I have said ever since Saturday, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!!

A cute pic of the three designers
(L -R):Joseph Domingo, Hector Manuel (Acta Non Verba) & Daniel Sudar 

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