Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Like Seriously! - Chinos For Everyone! Besides The Tiny Earthquake Last Night!!!

On the wake of the Virginia earthquake, I think Californians are extra sensitive with earthquakes. I personally didn't feel the 3.something earthquake last night. Maybe because I was too busy HAVING A LIFE to feel it.  But really though, I've been living in the bayarea for more than a decade now and little earthquakes are not something new to facebook/ tweet upon with urgency, really.

But oh well, my facebook and tweet page was flooded with it. So, I guess I was the minority of it all. Its like tweeting how foggy it is around june/july in San Francisco.

In this editorial that appeared on Men's Week, Caleb Halstead and Lasse Hansen was photographed by Jakob Axelman and styled by Alex Badia and teaches its readers how to dress up your chinos this summer.

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