Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Colors - Arthur Kulkov, Arthur Sales, Cole Mohr, David Agbodji, Ryan Koning, & Yuri Pleskun by Christoper Lane

Little Men, Big City, is the title of the editorial that appears on the new issue of Flaunt Magazine. It featured Arthur Kulkov, Arthur Sales, Cole Mohr, David Agbodji, Ryan Koning and Yuri Pleskun with colors of fall with New York City as the backdrop. Okay, electric blue is not really the color of fall but from what we saw from the runway collections these year, it is rather colorful collections considering they were for fall/winter. Style Director, Long Nguyen, chose great pieces from the collections of Jil Sander, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen to name a few. The project was lensed by Christopher Lane.

Those Dior pants are growing on me. I might choose a more subdued color but the more I see it the more I'm loving it kinda like the Prada shoes that I called "spice girls shoes" the first time I saw them.

Since I was super busy, running around the city over the weekend, I feel like I didn't really get the chance to relax and enjoy it. Even though I did went out one of the nights. Le sigh. I know it's just Wednesday and thank the begeesus, its hump day! It feels like its been a long week already. I have a few deadlines for a couple of my projects and I already need a pick me upper. No Bueno. I know, I know I'll just drink a bunch of Redbull and that'll do the job.

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