Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things That I Want . . . Part 8: I'm furry (No, not that kind!)

Okay If I could, I'll probably buy everything in the fall collection of Givenchy. I just adore every piece in it. Sure most of the pieces were incorporated with fur but I just love how it was high fashion street wear. I mean if you want to be noticed sometimes subtlety doesn't work for everybody. From the bold prints to chunky details. You wont go wrong.

The bad thing about getting geared up for fall is that San Francisco is entering its real summer. That means warm weather and wearing fur is a big no no. It's quite annoying really. Speaking of fur, On a recent fashion show, a woman wore her umm fur piece and it looked a little disheveled which the designer sitting next to me playfully commented, "what's that? A rat?" Which was sorta questionable yes. So take care of your fur and just because it was cheap consider everything. Is it really worth the savings? You don't want to be an honorable mention on the fashion faux pas list. Especially, wearing it at a fashion event, nonetheless.

One of the things that completes my everyday look is headgear. Which brings me to the thing that I want right now. The Givenchy black rabbit and felt rottweiler cap. I love it. Sure I'm a little squeamish that it is made of rabbit, well rabbit ears actually. I did have a rabbit as a pet for years, named Sebastian and I loved him dearly. Le sigh. But I do love this hat. It's only $3,038, very affordable (right?). I know its as much as a semester at a state college or a month's rent in NYC but all I can think about is how it would feel great on my head.

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