Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About To Fall, Again - Sean O'Pry by David Sims

If you've lived in SF for more than a year, you will know what I'll be talking about. The dilemma that is summer to fall season transition. Because summer time in SF, eventhough warm in the afternoons is always overshadowed literally by fog in the mornings and some nights. But fall on the other hand is probably when we experience our nicest weather; which brings the dilemma for us fashionistos and fashionistas.  Dressing appropriately for the current weather condition versus the current season. Campaign ads from every brand for the fall/winter seasons are being released left and right but living in California and in SF with our lack of clear seasons sometimes make it difficult to follow trends when realistically it is summer but it barely breaks 70 degrees outside. So no bermuda shorts today and a light jacket, it will be smart, yes. Le sigh, oh well, I didn't get much rest last night but it was quite a productive day, nonetheless. I also picked up my press pass for the shows this weekend, so stay tuned for my coverage of San Francisco fashion week.

For Zara Men's fall/winter campaign, Sean O'Pry is once again the face of my go-to store. Lensed by the talented David Sims. I love the coats and the looks are very sharp. Once again, Zara delivers the trend to the masses for the fraction of the price. Perfect for the mindful budgeteers out there. Happy Hump Day, everybody!

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