Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things That I Want . . . Part 9: Structure

People had asked me before how I can write my blog, have a full time job, be able to go to social events, attend shows, line-up future shows, help my friend launch his store, and travel all at the same time well not at the SAME time. One word, Structure. I have to thank, for better or for worse, the leadership conferences I was sent to during my Fraternity days in college. I learned a lot, from running the fraternity back then to applying personal discipline and structure today. I think success comes when you balance personal life from your professional life. I haven't entirely found that balance without making sacrifices from either facet of my life but get back to me on that.
So the other structure I'm talking about would be clothes. I like suits of different pattern, fabric and cuts. But I always enjoyed designs by Kris Van Assche for his own line and for Dior which can be more eccentric at times. Besides Kris I also love, Kai-Aakmanh and Miharayasuhiro which incorporates structured elements with more drapery and more contemporary/eccentric cuts.

Which bring's me to another must have piece for fall (for me, at least). The Miharayasuhiro half stole wool jersey jacket, retails for $2,370. I can see myself wearing this for the holidays. I know, I know it's still a few months away but these are the things I think about. I already know what I want it would be a matter of where and when to wear it. I absolutely adore this jacket, the first time I saw it during the show back in January.  I knew I wanted it and I think more than anything that I really want this probably tops my list.

Last Tuesday, while having a conversation with my boss. I looked at her weirdly because for some reason I thought that it would have been later on the week already, I thought it was already Thursday, considering the very trying Monday. NOW it's Thursday and I wish it's still Tuesday for I have yet to do a lot of things before the end of tomorrow. See, how that works out?

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