Monday, September 26, 2011

Non-Existent Weekend - Zara Young Lookbook for September/August

Over the weekend I was invited to a friend's friend's (that sounds funny) birthday dinner at a restaurant chain that shall remain nameless. I got there a little earlier than my friend so I went to get myself a cocktail at the bar. I ordered a very standard Margarita and was surprised that it was served in a plastic cup. Okay, I'm not snobby or anything but I actually stared at the cup for a second and thought if it was a joke. It was so bizarre for me for a cocktail to be served in a plastic cup. One I was not in a house party nor was I in a hole in the wall restaurant. Aside from that my weekend was pretty much, well, non-existent. Work called.

Last week fast fashion giant, Zara released their september lookbook for their Young collection. That was when I realized that the Young August lookbook never made it live. So here's the September AND August lookbooks. Featuring Harry Goodwins and Alex Dunstan respectively.