Friday, September 9, 2011

Attire: Dressy, Aha, B*tch Please! - Australian Surfers by Will Davidson

Even though It has been nice in San Francisco for we are entering SF's summer, It has been forecasted it will be fugly in New York for the next couple of days. I know sadness. I planned to wear outfits paired with shorts. Speaking of shorts, I was turned away from The Ambassador Bar in the Tenderloin part of the city the other day. Sacrilege! A friend of mine and I had planned to meet up with my bestfriend and his co-workers for happy hour after work. So here I was wearing tailored shorts, suit jacket, a pressed button down and Italian leather slip ons, DENIED. I was not wearing anything Ponchy or hum-dum, at all. But the thing that made me laugh was when the guy behind us who was wearing Rocca wear jeans, a crumply Abercrombie sweater and some orthopedic looking shoes got in. Which according to their facebook page, dress code: Dressy. Yep I guess that was "dressy" for them and I was apparently wearing a potato sack.

But I guess it was a blessing in disguise since I probably found one of my favorite bars in the city right now called Rye and end up bumping into an old acquaintance that recently moved back to the city. Le sigh, San Francisco lounge/bars are so random and weird. I've been living here for a while and I still can't compare it to New York or even LA but lesson Learned.

This editorial that appeared on the latest issue of Details magazine had a perfect juxtaposition, beach and outerwear. Although if you find yourself braving the SF beaches during the summer time, YOU need one, trust me! That is if you find it through the thick fog. Featuring some local Aussie surfers in great coats and outerwear by Burberry Prorsum, Gucci, and Tom Ford to name a few. Styled by Stevie Dance and photographed by Will Davidson.

It is Friday and NYFW is well on its way.  Men's shows and presentation round-up coming very soon.