Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: New York SS 2012 - Menswear Round-Up Part 2 of 2

It is always feels weird coming back to work after a vacation. I mean besides the early call time during fashion week everything just feels off. But then again, I might just be experiencing some Monday blues. Well at any rate, here's the second half of the my Menswear report.

Compared to past collections, spring/summer 2012 features more color. I mean like intense color. I'm loving the shoes and of course how he used bright flowery prints and block it with darker hues. Even though that I've seen a few of green suits I actually love how it was mixed with the blue. Overall a great collection.

I love that there was a certain androgyny  on the menswear. Again, another color blocked blazer. The obi-esque look was interesting as well.

OMG! The cherry on my cake! I love how fresh this collection was. A few bright colored mesh shirts paired with bowties, love it! And I love how the produce prints on the shirts were not obscene at all. From afar they just looked like mixed colors and when you get close you realize they're fruits and vegetables. I'm also loving the cerulean suit. I know that Gobel has been known with his love of color which I always thought he do best. I mean a supermart? who would have thought of a place as fashionable. I love every look.

Michael Bastian's collection was an homage to probably my favorite actor of all time, James Dean. I mean if you would go through pictures of Dean you'll find a look or two or three that was featured on the collection but of course with some tweaking. I'm not sure that I liked this collection because I like James Dean or because the collection was very cohesive and great for a summertime collection.

With his sunkissed/sun and sand beaten Kors man, the collection reminded me of a gypsy or a flower child, you pick. Cable knit sweaters and sarongs. I mean I did saw somebody wear one the other day. There were nice pieces though but as always Kors' strength are with his womenswear.

Eventhough the color story of the collection was a little sad, the details were not. The textured black jacket/shirt I absolutely adored. It took me, I actually love this presentation. I think the thing that I loved the most was these details were very subtle.

Nautica was well what Nautica does best, basics.

Another overtly homage to "something" with a on your face "beginning" and "the end." Lead designer, Obana turned to Saul Bass for inspiration. Eventhough there were pieces that I would like to own. the show itself saved graced took center stage and not the collection.

Of course the duo of great layering did it again.  Somebody brought up a very interesting idea would the pieces stand strong enough without the whole look, Perhaps. Eventhough that some of the looks were the same done in a different fabric, the collection was great and I've always been a fan.

Number: Lab's collection was inspired by skaters in New York and Pablo Picasso. Final result? A very handsome very well executed looks.

A whole lot of Mustard and cerulean.  Great beach wear/swimwear but probably not for the American market. People still freak out when your shorts stop before your knee. Other than that great cheeky summer basics.

I think the one thing that grabs your attention the most besides the great prints would be the elasticized bottoms of the pants that well were reminiscent to track pants. I think it's a great look on a breezy summer afternoon.

You can always trust with lines like Perry Ellis to provide a handsome but somewhat safe collection of summer basics. I mean all the trends were there but don't really expect anything to blow your mind. It's what I call a pleasant collection.

I'm not gonna lie this was a very interesting collection. The chosen prints were I've never seen before. If you're familiar with the brand they always tend to use very unusual prints anyway. But compared to previous collections this was a lot tamer.

Peeptoe shoes for men? why not! It was a Rad Hourani show. I'm pretty sure I wont wear anything from this brand but I find it interesting that most of the pieces can be worn in series of ways.

I love the prints and the textures that Chai always deliver. Eventhough some of the looks tend to remind me of skater/surfer culture. Well a more polished and sophisticated bunch I suppose.

Another collection that I loved. Okay Okay I remember saying back during Milan and Paris fashion week that I hated the Pimp/Amish hat but its actually growing on me. I actually love the wide shorts I thought it would look a little 90's hip hop but it didn't. Definitely took notes on this one as things that I want for next year.

Eventhough I liked this presentation, it felt like I've seen the pieces before.

I think this was probably one of the most innovative designers I have seen last week. The draped shirt was great and the zippered jackets were great in person.

A very interesting collection.

Who wouldn't want a body bag jacket? Everybody needs one. Always an interesting show, no doubt.

A few riding outfits, The kaftan shirt I loved. But overall great suitings that I've come to expect from a Spurr collection. Eventhough that some of the outerwear are very reminiscent of the very successful Burberry collection last year.

Tailored but very laid back collection. Nothing ground breaking but pleasant.

Another great tweaking of the basics.

I think it is funny to think that at one time Tim Hamilton designed for a preppy brand. Since this collection is anything but preppy.

There were a few interesting prints and designs for this season. Eventhough still followed which is by now the ongoing trend, mustard, orange and blue hues.

I love that edgy prep that Tommy was trying to market. I think between the rich color choice and the subtle camo prints, the collection came out very well. I know its been going around on blogsphere, were those red soles?!

Debuting this year straight from China. Interesting designs and cuts. There were a lot of eye-catching details from zippers to dramatic neckline on pieces.

I love the little color pop here and there. Casual/Activewear chic.

Another favorite of mine. I know I've seen that cloak/vest from Yigal before but it was one of those things that I don't mind seeing season after season. The looks were strong without overpowering the minute details of the styling.

Great hipster looks in pastel.

In this Round-Up: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: New York Spring/Summer 2012

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