Thursday, September 15, 2011

From The Concrete Jungle To The Rocky Walls - Andre Ziehe, Chris Folz, Han-Su Kim, Marlon Teixeira & Nick Rea by Giovanni Squatriti

I think my trip for work and my vacation make quite for a interesting week. Started my week at probably one of the most fast-paced city in the world, New York City to a more slow and very serene place (not Las Vegas) the Grand Canyon.  Beautiful!

I think this is probably the most comprehensive fashion week coverage I have done since I started with this line of work and running around to make shows is an experience, I will cherish for a long time. I'm tired and I have yet to finish the reports but it is well worth it.

Alright, time to hit the casinos at the strip and party the night off! Viva Las Vegas!

In this editorial that appears on the Essential Homme's September/October 2011 issue. Andre Ziehe, Chris  Folz, Han-Su Kim, Malron Teixeira, and Nick Rea appears on the story In Your Skin that was lensed by Giovanni Squatriti and styled by Duffy Bergman with pieces from Gucci, Kenzo, Costume National, and H&M.