Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All In A Day's Work - Benoit by Henry Moshizi

Balancing my social itinerary versus my professional itinerary is always a balancing act. Conflict happens and I have to decide wether I'm willing to sacrifice one for the other. realistically today is my friday but I still have tomorrow as my last day of work for the week and then my "weekend" begins. Sometimes I sit at home after a day's work to relax but my brain is still going a thousand miles per second. I have to remind myself that I love shoes and clothes and ergo I love my job. I think stress and job, no matter great you are at time management and resource management, it will happen. At the end of the day, its nothing personal. It's just all in a day's work.

In this story that appeared on Ahlens city's fashionation webzine and was Photographed by Henry Moshizi. Richard Anderson outfitted the male model, Benoit, with pieces from Boss, Ralph Lauren, and J.Lindberg. I love every look and the play on texture was just great!

Happy Hump Day to most of my fashionistos and fashionistas!