Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things That I Want . . . Part 11: Prints And Guts

I recently had a very funny conversation with a new acquaintance when I was in New York last week. Topic? Prints. He works as a buyer for a member's only shopping website and He knows plenty about styling and well, fashion. Okay it's misconception that us, fashion people, just talk about fashion 24-7. Well, maybe there's some truth to that but the reason we were talking about prints was because a gentleman who was wearing beige paisley pants, wide striped button-downs and a wide printed tie. I wouldn't personally combine all of those together so I said, "Man, that dude had guts!" which we both laughed heartedly.

Wearing a very strong print can be dicey at times. Some people can work it like magic and some fail miserably. Always a rule of mine, use it sparingly. But if you are really compeled to do it, own it and don't let the print wear you.

Recently, Desigual opened a store in downtown SF. A brand that I always have a "thread carefully" because of their love of print. The store is pretty much an explosion of prints. Some great, some too Gotti for my taste.

Which brings me to the shirt I just fell in love with and no it does not even cost more than $200. I still get that shocked look when I tell  my Givenchy plain button down was more than $500. See I'm not a brand name **w-word**. Great looks comes from styling and not from a fashion house name. I absolutely love this Manolin shirt from Desigual. I also love how it was styled by Mani Jassal for an editorial story that was lensed by upcoming photographer, Wally Sparks. A perfect example of a perfect styling execution (minus the shoes) of a print shirt.

One more work day. I might have to fly to Los Angeles tomorrow, unless something else comes up. Rack those frequent flier miles!

Have a great Thursday my fashionistos and fashionistas.