Monday, September 5, 2011

From Here To Infinity - Benjamin Warbis by Sarah Brimley

Over the weekend, The Fashion Munster ( sent me an email to do a potential collaboration. I'm not sure if that was a mass email, but if it wasn't, I'm actually flattered. This is by no means the first offer for a collaboration, guest blogging, styling or what not. But as of this second that I'm writing this, I can't really think of anything else but my trip to NY. I shall address this matter when I get back. I think it is safe to say that both parties will be both super busy till the dust settles.

Hopefully, everybody had a great three-day weekend being Labor Day and all in the US. I had a very interesting one to say the least. On Friday night while I was out and about I took an impromptu street style photo of a guy in the club that I was in. Which my friend totes said, "yeah he looks great, you guys can be tweensies." Not like we were wearing the same exact thing but the idea was the same. blue hue button downs, white belt, khaki bermudas and boat shoes. When I realized he was right, it became hilarious to me.

But I can't linger on the weekend when New York Fashion Week is just around the bend. T-2 days, to be exact! I will be working till the last second my plane leaves for New York. I know pre-show pictures had been making their rounds and models running around for go-sees I wish I can fly out there now to witness that but alas I can't. I know sad face.

In today's editorial that appeared on the debut issue of Out There Magazine.  Benjamin Warbis plays as the Starman for Sarah Brimley. The editorial was styled by Pop Kampol with out-of-this-world SS 2011 collection of Christopher Kane and jewelry by Michelle Lowe-Holder.  

Happy Monday, My fashionistos and fashionistas!