Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summertime in San Francisco - Cesar Casier & Marcel by A.R. Harvey

It was HOT yesterday! Good thing I worked early and got out early so I can get to enjoy San Francisco's Summertime. See It's soo hard for me to see ads for fall for I can't wear the trends right now. So I'm still on my summer wardrobe essentials. Bermudas and button down. At least there's breeze because I can't stand muggy weather.

On an another note,  London Fashion Week is well under way and so is Madrid's. So in the next couple of days. I would be marrying and featuring in a runway report, collections that I feel like should be featured on my page. I know my comprehensive NYFW coverage ALMOST have everybody that showed but alas time constraint and social responsibilities calls. Then again I might change my mind the last minute. We shall see.

In this dandy editorial that appears on the first volume of the L'Altra Uomo Book, entitled Yesteryear This Year, stylists Suzie Street and Nickque Patterson put together a light, pastel summer dandy looks. Cesar Casier and Marcel was photographed by A.R. Harvey.

Happy Hump Day, my fashionistos and fashionistas.