Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things That I Want . . . (Part 16): I Wear My Prada Sunglasses At Night

No, of course I don't wear my sunglasses at night but that song is a classic. I can't deny it, I do love my sunglasses. My favorite (since my other favorite was left behind at a restaurant, a taxi . . . or a bar on a night out with a friend) are a pair of Vintage Armani.

I feel like it is about time for a new pair to replace the other one I . . . err misplaced. I do love my classic colors like black or white (during the summer). Now, I'm entertaining the idea of a tortoiseshell. As one of the big trend for fall/winter, if you're about to buy glasses or sunglasses consider the tortoiseshell frames. Besides it's one of the classic frames nothing crazy like a colored frame but definitely a step up from black or metals.

The one I want are these Prada pair. Classic "Playboy" shaped sunglasses with green lenses. Retails for $245. The good news for me about wanting this now, I'm up for some new frames with my vision insurance from work because I do work . . . hard for my money (ahem Occupy what? partially kidding. Okay I'll stop being political). My love/hate with responsibilities as an adult in this modern day. Yes, I'm shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

On a side note, Happy Birthday to the queen of all fashionistos and fashionistas, Anna Wintour.