Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things That I Want: Classicaly Edgy

If you've been following my posts from this week, I've decided to try out a more darker/edgier side of dapper for this holidays. Even considering tights under shorts for an outfit ala Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011-12 and 10-11! But I will still be wearing a more classic shoes than edgy. So, the shopping begins for the perfect shoes. I believe that even though I'll be wearing pieces that are not classically preppy. Black leather shoes can push the look to the edgy side even though they're not "classically edgy" themselves. I've been considering a few shoes from high fashion loubis to fast fashion like Zara and Versace for H&M. I was telling a friend of mine yesterday that when buying shoes and spending a significant amount of money for them, make sure you'll be wearing them again and not a one-time thing.

The Versace for H&M show last night is something?! It just makes me more excited about the collection and I'm not all about the flashy, shiny things but I do want the pieces that I've been wanting from that collection even more. 

It is my Friday at work and my weekend finally begins after today! 

Without further ado here are the shoes that I have been considering of purchasing for my look this holiday.

Louvre/Louboutin f/w 2011

Metal Toe Cap/ Louboutin f/w 2011

Embosed Blucher/ Zara f/w 2011

Gold Stud Leather Shoes/ Versace for H&M