Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dark Matter - Harvey Newton Haydon by Dinah Hayt

A recent post from the staffers from IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) talks about the woes of running a fashion blog, Why I Hate My Blog, I have to say I agree with the whole post. I love and loathe my blog! I really wish my blog is just some random pictures from the internet without content or direction because that would be so much easier and wont take much of my time. My friends would attest to this, that sometimes on our night-out-of-town, I will be late because I will be writing a new post and moving posts around due to a "in the moment" inspiration, amazing editorial, etc and not because I already take time to get ready, that is.  BUT I love my blog because I get to go to events and be surrounded by amazing people who are as passionate as me in the business. So in the end, I do love what I do here.

In this editorial that features English model Harvey Newton Haydon and appears on the second issue of Fiasco Homme,  the british-born model jumps around in dark, edgy and amazing pieces from Givenchy, Lanvin, and Song Zio. Photography by Dinah Hayt and styling by Ben Brouillet. 

Not to mention Haydon is sporting a look that I will be using this winter. I'm committing on my darker look for the holidays.

And as promised a link to the post can be found **here**