Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reality Check - Helge Gjerstad & Marcos F by David Wang

I know that in this day and age, sharing your thoughts, experiences and beliefs to others are far more easier than ever before through the use of social networking sites. So it is also much easier to overshare information to your friends. I get it if it's a tongue-in cheek joke but there are things that sometimes are just left unsaid. I mean congratulations that you're getting laid but I don't really need to know that. As I joked recently to a friend, "thanks to Facebook, I now know who among my friends are cray-cray or has the potential of being one." But it is not always bad of course, there are those moments that I'm really thankful for social networking sites. I guess in the end these T.M.I.'s are just necessary evil.

Greater Than Gatsby appears on Kenton Magazine. The editorial features models Helge Gjerstad and Marcos F in great dapper pieces by Marlon Gobel, Ben Sherman, Billy Reid, and Carlos Campos to name a few. With great styling by Michael Cook and photography  by David Wang. 

It's Wednesday, most of us are already off for the long weekend because tomorrow's Thanksgiving but if you're not well, Happy Hump day!