Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There MUST Be A Mistake! - Evandro Soldati & Andrej Pejic by Justin Wu

Yesterday, I received a call back for a Merchandiser position for one of the biggest fast fashion company in the country that I applied for, only problem . . . in Kansas. I was a little bewildered when they said Somewhere, Kansas since I applied for the store in SF and New York. I think that my resume was sent to every store that was looking for a Merchandiser seemed to be the reason for the call. Oh well. Honest mistake.

Dogma appeared on Fiasco Homme's second issue and featured top models Andrej Pejic, Evandro Soldati and Valeriya Melnik. Photographed by Justin Wu and styled by Sophie Ruthensteiner. Pejic mostly wore the pieces from YSL, Dior Homme, Mugler and Lanvin while Soldati, well, wore pretty much next to nothing except for a pair of black trunks.

Happy Hump Day, My fashionistos and fashionistas