Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sadness - Jake Madden by Richard Pier Petit

Music is said to be the universal language because it has the ability to transcend language barriers. A sad song is a sad song in any language. I think in my "Emotion" weekend, music does influence our emotions and probably amplify it. Sometimes writing a post here, I listen to music while going through literally hundreds of editorial stories and sometimes the music I'm listening to works great with the editorial and it gets picked and posted here. I'm pretty sure every blogger have their own different ways to get their inspiration.

For my love of B&W shoots, The Saddest Music in the World piqued my interest.  Richard Pier Petit photographs Ford talent Jake Madden for Carbon Copy's tenth issue. Stylist, Lisa Tarlow outfits Madden with pieces from J.Crew, Brooks Brothers (from whom I still get a corporate discount through my fraternity) to Ann Demeulemeester.

It was raining yesterday, so hopefully the forecast today holds.