Friday, November 11, 2011

Happiness - Theo Hall & Matheus Verdhelho by Christina Capucci

Emotion such as happiness can be really fragile. A little riff, an outside influence, can easily out balance the rather perfect existence of the said emotion. Insecurities is a human quality that is part of me as much as part of anybody else. I just wish that more people can be more confident on themselves and their potential to influence other people. Confidence is always sexy, no matter what. Practice it. So none of us would be walking on eggshells.

Theo Hall and Matheus Verdelho appears on the latest issue of Posi+tive magazine. With the photography of Christian Cappucci and styling of Matteo Greco, the boys pose in some classic pieces from Calvin Klein, Corneliani and Hugo Boss. Verdelho is looking great with the white hair but is that his real "tail?"

Happy Friday and Veteran's Day for my fashionisto's and fashionista's celebrating the holiday.