Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guilty Pleasure - Jacob Coupe & Felix Radford for Zara November Lookbook

I think nothing bothers me more than breaking something from my scheduled activities. I like to be neat and organize without being OCD about it. On the other hand, it does annoy me when plans get broken or I skip gym because eventually I have to reschedule, or they have to reschedule and I might not have the time to do it. . . (sigh)

Okay, okay I just feel guilty that I skipped gym yesterday. It didn't help that I end up meeting up with a friend for some deep dish pizza from Little Star either. As a great consolation, the conversation is surprisingly great. So, if you're reading this? No regrets, I promise. 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Zara recently released their November lookbooks featuring Jacob Coupe and Felix Radford. I'm loving the neoprene blazer, probably in black? I'm pretty sure I can incorporate it to the looks I'm going to pull for the holidays. When it comes with the blazers knowing Zara, it can be a hit or miss. I'm also contemplating on investing on some leather bomber jacket, Zara or not.

Happy Hump Day, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

Zara Man

Zara Young