Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things That I Want: Like A Boss

Burberry Prorsum
Okay and here's the post that I predicted that will happen. Me wanting the raffia pom pom peak hat by Burberry Prorsum. From my last trip to New York Fashion Week, I saw a guy wearing the blue variant with a tan jacket walking/speed walking pass me. I was sold! At first, I was thinking when and where would I wear this and then I looked at my hat collection and half of my hats I've probably worn more than once. Clearly, I find a way to wear them to places and events. Essentially it is no different than most of my summer straw hats, I have a raffia hat and this one just happens to be shaped differently. The hat retails for $425.

As a blogger using the Google blogger, I think I'm pretty happy in how my page looks and how it is syndicated on Facebook eventhough that somebody on a recent fashion event told me that tumblr is the more "fashionable" blogging platform which I beg to differ. My photography skills are limited to my personal style, the limited street style and runway photos I take. So I felt like using tumblr is a waste. Last night, I had to block a certain individual on my Facebook wall because this individual has a very interesting picture blog using tumblr and the bad thing about tumblr on Facebook is that every picture on the blog is an individual entry on my wall so eventually I will have a flood of random images on my wall all from a single person. Not good especially if I wanted to see what my real friends are up to and not be bombarded with images that has no significant value to me. I know this kind of harsh but somebody needs to figure out a way that tumblr on Facebook is not so annoying.

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