Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013 - Day 5

The final day of my Paris runway round-up!  Paris finished strong this season. There were a few collections that I found really great when it comes to details. Now to look forward to a few local upcoming shows then I'm off to Las Vegas and then New York on February.

Without further ado, the top five looks from the final day of Paris Menswear fashion week.

and Happy Hump Day!!!

Acne was all about the details and texture, I love how the collection unfolded from the all black looks to the colors and then closed again with the blacks. All-around great pieces paraded the Acne runway this season.
The quirky designer showcased a great collection of well tailored pieces and knits. I love the playful cape! I wouldn't wear it but it looked great in the show. Other than that, the ghosts prints on the sweaters were cute.

Arnys once again showcased a collection with a hint of french 18th century. I said hint because the looks had a more modern cut and did not feel too dated. The color story of the collection mirrored a very cool autumn air.
Great color blocking and classic tailoring.

Drop crotch pants, hint of fur and leather? what else can I ask for. If there would be a collection that would surmise my over all look for this year, this would be it. Loved it! Avery relaxed tailoring and styling.
Another great collection from Ossendrijver, I love how most of the outer fit a little quirky yet fit the model's body just right. A lot of the pieces referenced the 70's but the collection was from dated. There were a few pieces that I loved especially some great accessories. The hats?! OMG. I also liked the slouched leather bags.
 Great outerwear pieces but I'm not really familiar with the brand.

 A lot were disappointed with lack of "lines" for the new Paul Smith collection. I actually liked the fisherman/nautical theme of the collection, especially the green sweater that gave a slight metallic sheen. The color scheme remained in the more darker hues but with little pops of color here and there.

Qasimi as I expected showcased a collection that somewhat hinted millitary but more street. The tartans and the transparent shirts were great paired with the long-floor-grazing skirts. Strong patterns like the ones featured in this collection can cheapen the looks but this was not true in this case. The pieces still looked luxe and sophisticated.

A plethora of gold lame, leather and embellishments. A lot of hit and miss in this collection. The avante garde looks pushed the boundaries of being obscene and fashionable. But I couldn't help but cringe on some of the looks that paraded the runway.
A well-tailored collection featuring pieces that I've seen from collections from the last two weeks. Trend or not, the luxe collection felt uninspired to me probably because I have seen the same looks from the other collections? Perhaps. The collection was not bad by any means just a bit safe. I'm just glad to see more wearable pieces this time around.
Oh Thom Browne, never a dull day. three main looks paraded the runway, a masked man, a hulking brute or a spiked hair diva. Yes, the shoulder pads were built in the outfit. As always with a Thom Browne show, look closer to find the wearable pieces and there were a lot of great jackets, trousers and accessories that were actually nice.

Day 5: Acne, Agnes B, Arnys, Bill Tornade, Franck Boclet, Lanvin, No Editions, Paul Smith, Qasimi, Rynshu, Songzio, Thom Browne.

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