Friday, January 27, 2012

Forecast: Snow - Snow Fashion Event

You've read it from my previous posts that this Saturday (tomorrow) is the most awaited Snow Fashion Show. An exclusive all-white attire event that will be held in Cowden in SF. I know, I know I have said in the past that I would try to deviate from the tight dress code and wear a lighter khaki drop crotch pants by Vivienne Westwood but as a back-up I did went to get white pants (ugh) last Friday. Well I suppose that it was a blessing in disguise since the pants actually showed up a lot darker hue than the pictures on the V.W. website.

The fashion show is not by any means a reflection of the season but rather the all white collection that Cana Klebanoff, Cari Borja, Herbert Williamson, Julie Schindler, Violetta Vieux and Joseph Domigo will be showing.

It has been quite a while since I planned for an all-white attire and the last time was a beach wedding.  So, the easiest way to get around an all white attire . . . I mean without wearing a white tux would be either go for the literal snow attire meaning a white knit and probably a white scarf or go the beach/Miami white attire. Both, I thought, would be a little depraved and most likely be the easy way out. 

So my outfits to events are in the most part inspired by what I see from shows and editorials. The inspiration for the Snow event? The Maison Kitsune Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The collection itself is inspired by the literary piece, The Great Gatsby. I think the 1920's is probably one of my favorite eras in terms of clothing. 

The inspiration looks:

So my outfit includes:

  • White silk charmeuse night jacket 
  • White Zara structured shirt with mini collar 
  • White western bow tie
  • White Zara pants
  • White Energie leather airbrushed "faux wingtip"
  • White Goorin Bros duckbill hat

The last email I got about the event is telling me that the event is at full capacity. I can't wait till saturday and actually see what the men of San Francisco came up for an all white attire evening. 

Happy Friday!

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