Friday, January 20, 2012

Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013 - Day 1

A short day on the first day of shows in Paris on Wednesday but it didn't mean that it was boring. The shows mimicked some of the trends that we saw on our trip to Milan . . . capes!

Okay here are my top five looks for the shows on Day 1

Friday is here.

Very subtle brilliance. As a collection, AMI was very simple but the texture and prints what stood out for me . . . and great shoes. These are the clothes that will make you stand out but not in a bad way.

 Great masculine silhouettes with a tongue-in-cheek quirkiness with the crosses and prints AND the pins. There were some interesting pieces in this collection like pinned sweaters and gold patterned shirts but overly busy print was way too much for me. It was also somewhat refreshing that this season's show was a bit younger the the previous ones I have seen.

The color scheme and combinations were a bit extreme to me but there were some notable pieces like the wide leg trousers and shiny pieces paired with a semi see-through turtle neck. I liked the show.

Oh wow a Mugler collection that was actually wearable! The fabrics were rich and I love Formichetti and Kremer's take on a suspender. I think the duo was getting a balance of things. The show was dramatic but at the same time wearable. Not to mention tapping Azaelia Banks for the soundtrack was genius.

 Great balance of the uber masculine elements and flamboyant pieces together. Nothing over designed or innovative just great pieces.

What's Paris fashion week without an urban Madmax collection? Great leather jackets in interesting cuts and shapes. I think the black jacket with the sweats, snood, see through shirt and boots was a great look.

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