Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things That I Want: Backpack, backpack, Yehay!

Louis Vuitton
You know what just dawned on me? The holidays are over! It went like a MUNI bus missing its stop. Zoom it was gone. So over the Holidays, I got to see my niece, which I rarely do for the fact that I live in San Francisco. She's four now and it just cracks me up on the things that she says. I remember when all she wanted to watch all day was Dora The Explorer, ALL DAY. And if you're familiar with the show, every episode she always sings that silly backpack song which is a form of torture in some places, I'm sure. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I included a video at the end of this post. Yes, you're welcome for solving all your problems today for you. Hashtag, First world problems.

Dora's backpack
Speaking of backpack, this is a backpack I wouldn't mind rocking. This is saying a lot since I've tried to avoid backpacks ever since my junior year in college. The LV backpack is part of the Louis Vuitton's spring/summer 2012 collection. I love that it is a touch safari and classic at the same time. I like the subtle monogram which I usually try to avoid but sort of works well with this backpack. A great combination of leather, canvas and nylon piece definitely. It is fashionable and luxe but very functional at the same time. Plainly, I just love it and Kim Jones as well.

Okay, fine it is a tad bit big but I do carry a lot of stuff with me, just like Dora, sometimes she even carries a ladder with her, no kidding!

and as promised, here you go


White List said...

Hiya! Your blog is a brilliant men's fashion blog! So glad I found it. Can't wait to see what blog posts you have in 2012. Happy New Year by the way (albeit a few days!)

Lexter Marcus T. said...

Hey, Thank you for the kind words. Yea, stay tuned in and Happy New Year to you too!