Monday, January 30, 2012

Runway Monday: Sizzling Snow - Snow: A White Fashion Event Runway Round-Up

Saturday night forecasted Snow, well not really. Actually it was a gorgeous summer I mean winter day. The temperature pushing 65 really, If I can recall. But I did attend the Snow fashion event that night.  The show took place at a transformed runway establishment in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

As I mentioned on my previous posts that the show called for the collection's and the attendees to wear an all white attire. To be honest it was interesting to see how did the others fair with this simple task. It was a mixed crowd. Some wore great head to toe looks of mixed fur (and faux fur), satin, lace, leather and linen while others fell on the way side wearing Hollister hoodies, and ughness-track suits but at least these people tried. There were a few people I saw that just didn't understand what "all white attire" meant; one wearing a pink WITH small white details on her dress and a couple eventhough interesting were wearing khaki/dirty gold colored looks. So I ask, did they get the memo that I got? Then again these were the individuals sitting behind me and a few rows back. But everybody that was sitting next to me on the front row looked impeccable in all white looks. 

Before the show began, a little wise runway etiquette was given to the front row. DO NOT CROSS YOUR LEGS. Bravo! I wish they also included to remove your sunglasses too to those celebrity wannabe that were wearing them that night. I mean the humanity! The sunset was hours before the show started. Sigh.

On to the shows.
Violeta Vieux showed her great women's evening wear and cocktail dresses. The details on these dresses were amazing. Another part of the show was three floor-grazing gowns transformed to cocktail dresses right on the runway. Some of the looks I've seen from last year's SF fashion week.

Julie Schindler showed a white collection that featured two piece sets of outerwear/jackets paired with wide leg pants. It also included a very interesting almost quilted looking jacket. It was probably the most wearable collection and easily marketable collection that night.

Cana Klebanoff was the only designer that featured menswear that night. The tailored suits and jackets were great and especially the one with the high collar. But the star of the of the show were the pants with a pleating detail on the sides. I almost felt guilty to think it kinda sucked because that they were white pants? I'm hoping they would come in a darker color. Yes eventhough I wore white pants that night I'm still iffy about wearing them. Time to call Cana Klebanoff to find out.

The wigged models showcased Herbert Williamson's all-white collection with a pretty almost upper eastsider (Manhattan) appeal. I loved how the wigs actually accentuated the luxe collection. I personally liked the off-shoulder looks.

Cari Borja's playful collection featured both menswear and womenswear. The show opened up with a playful tule dress that will make any twelve year old jealous. The male models whom ended up showing some skin featured great easy beach-y linen looks.

Last but not the least Joseph Domingo, The high-heeled designer closed the night with a fantasy collection. The collection featured an amazing flowy tiered dress, a lace gown with an amazing train detail and a beautiful body hugging sequined(?) gown. 

Overall, the collections were beautiful and some of the the details were just exquisite. I just wished that the ratio of menswear to womenswear was higher like last year's Snow fashion show.

Well Happy Monday Everybody!

And Beyond!

Photo Credit: A few pictures by Magdalene Chan and the rest taken by me.

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