Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By The Beach - Victor Ross by Que Duong

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! I was wearing a puffer vest and polo shirt. It felt like it was spring time. I actually met a friend and enjoyed lunch on Maiden Lane's Mocca and ate outdoors. I don't know what was the allure of eating close to the financial district once in a while, I just like it. Probably because I don't work there. It would probably drive me nuts especially when everybody goes to lunch at the same time and every restaurant would be full and the pigeons aka flying rats bothering you, OMG! Nothing bothers me even more when people feed them and be that one weird person eating alone with all the birds were congregated. Okay, nothing wrong with eating alone but if you see a do-not-feed-the-birds sign it meant do not feed the damn birds because they get aggressive! *deep breaths*

So, do you bring your homemade lunch or are you one of the ladies/gentlemen who lunch?

In this stunning photo series that was shot by the very talented Que Duong, Victor Ross is one with the beach (not b*tch) and outfitted in a very colorful wardrobe that completely welcomes the coming of Spring . . . or the idea of spring, I forgot it's just January.

Happy Hump Day!

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