Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Taste - The Boys of Milan Menswear Fashion Week by Luca Finotti

Okay, another day, another pile of videos and pictures from Milan menswear fashion week to go through. I need a little break. How about we enjoy this sticky, powdery video by Luca Finotti featuring the boys *see the list after the video* that walked the runway shows this past few days. Taste it?

I will post day 3 and 4 tomorrow and after that we are off to Paris!

On another note, my Vivienne Westwood pants that I ordered have not arrived yet. I still have a week till the event but I'm getting antsy. I'm really hoping I get it on time with no more delays. Note to self: expedite the shipping. I received another update on the event and another warning about the strictly white attire. I guess there's no way to go around it. I have to wear white pants. Sigh, I will start to hunt again for white pants later.

Happy Hump Day!

The models: Simone Nobili, River Viiperi, Diego Fragoso, Jamie Wise, Julian Schratter, Andrea Preti, Ryan Barret, Bradley Soileau, Lowell Toutchin, Milo Spijkers, Leebo Freeman, Jonathan Marquez, Sebastian Sauve, Patrick O'Donnel, Samuele Visentin, James Smith, Jonathan & Kevin Ferreira de Sampaio, and Jeremy Wardlaw.

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