Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sweat, Blood and (Maybe) Tears Too - Ryan Taylor by Greg Swales

Working in the fashion industry is tough. It is not an easy profession by any means. People have claws and designer handbags. Okay maybe I would think twice before I hit anybody with my Hermes Birkin bag but nonetheless, it is cut-throat, just ask any designer, no matter how established they are. So far my experience is nothing but tolerable, eventually I would have more control over the projects I receive till then, hard work and perseverance is my game.

This week and the next couple weeks, my days off will be utilized to plan my sister's baby shower for next month, I know I'm already behind schedule. So in short no days off for me!

But Happy weekend, regardless.

Remember him? It's Ryan Taylor! Another face that was on EVERYTHING a few years ago and now that he's back from a hiatus from modeling. Top model, Taylor is one of the cover boys for Fiasco's latest issue called Blood, Sweat and Tears. Greg Swales photographs a sweaty Ryan Taylor for the House on Fire editorial story. Brian A. Richards and Dwayne Kennedy style Taylor with pieces by Sid Neigum, Jeremy Scott for Adidas, and fast fashion giant, H&M. Hope to see more of him in the upcoming runway shows, eventhough for the last two seasons he's only been doing the Milan and Paris rounds.

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