Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things That I Want . . . Part 13: I'm Very Duffle-d By That Idea

What an interesting work week it has been. Today is technically my "Friday" and my weekend begins T-8 hours, not bad at all. In the next couple of months I have to make a decision wether to pursue and accept  a job in Barcelona and I thought that moving to New York was already a hard decision. I love San Francisco but pursuing a career in fashion or fashion media is pretty much limiting myself to my full potential. I understand I have to go to the job.  But a friend told me recently, never jump on the first offer, let the offer sit for a bit. That's what I'm doing. Either way, I either stay in SF or accept either jobs in New York or Barcelona. 

We shall see.

It's Thursday and its another what I want right now post. Since its been pretty gloomy in San Francisco as of late. It is no secret that I want that burnt orange duffle coat from Burberry Prorsum's F/W 2011-12. I love how you can just hide from the bulk of it all. Beautiful. It costs almost three grand. That somebody's one month rent money in manhattan. But I do have something in mind just in case I don't feel like parting with my $3,000 . . . plus shipping and handling. I do have a substitute in mind but again it's not as dramatic as the Burberry one. The  orange double breasted trench for $250. As of now I'm still combing through the internet for something closer to the one that I REALLY want. 

If any of my fashionistos and fashionistas know where I can get a burnt orange sculptural felted wool duffle coat do not, and I mean, do not hesitate to shoot me an email.

Burberry Prorsum