Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tenebrous - Misa Patinszki by Adam Robertson

Tenebrous appears on the Fashionisto Magazine with Hungarian model Misa Patinszki. Adam Robertson captures Misa in a very tenebrous, and brooding shoot. Misa is styled with pieces from Burberry Prorsum, Rick Owens and Balenciaga by Ashley Cover. I love that one shot where he pulls the coat close to him! Such a great shot!

It is no secret that owning a car is a luxury. Wether you have the newest model or a jalopy from yesteryears. It costs money. I own a car that was bought to me by my parents a few years ago, an Acura Integra. Nothing fancy, meaning it is not a Beamer, but it serves its purpose and then some, like my beloved sunroof/moonroof. Within the last couple months I already spent money on it that would probably be worth my other beloved at-the-moment, the Burberry Prorsum Burnt Orange coat. I have thought of public transportation since I live in SF anyway and letting it go. But I love the freedom that my car gives me, so I kept it. So moral of the story? Prioritization. What is more important to me, right now, spend money on my car or a coat. Practicality wins.

I know with this decision, no regrets . . . I'm sure of it.