Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making The Best Out Of It - Verace For H&M

In any situation, eventhough that you are not getting what you really want, you make on what you have. I suppose it is one of those life lessons that one will learn as one goes through life. A survival tactic of some sorts. But also in this thing called life, you dream big and you make best on what you have and amplify it to your advantage.

So where am I going with this, well I had made a decision to turn down the New York job for now, not that I have a better offer here in San Francisco but I do not think the timing is right. I sat on it and thought how great it would be to live in Manhattan and to work there. In the end, I have to be level headed on my decision making as much I would love to sieze the opportunity. I know another offer will come and my name is still in their system anyway. It will come, I know it.

H&M has finally released a first taste of the Versace for H&M collection. So far it looks . . . well Versace. I mean it's loud and proud. From an interview back in June, Donatella had said that for the collection, the team had picked iconic looks from past collections to represent the H&M collection. From all the looks I do love the baseball jacket with the leopard print and the leather jacket. River Viiperi is the face of the menswear line that will be released in selected stores in the US on November 17. I guess it is time once again to get on the queue line.