Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Weekend Hollow Event - Tobias Sorensen For Kelburn FW 2011-12

It's funny to think that when most of us were kids and Halloween comes around, we have one night to dress up and eat candies and be, well . . . kids. Now that we are adults, usually we have the whole weekend and multiple costumes for the yearly event. Tonight if my schedule permits it, will be the "ex-boyfriend" complete with a gun shot wound on my forehead. I'm not entirely sure what I'm gonna be wearing but I'm sure I'll come up of something.

The Korean brand, Kelburn taps top model Tobias Sorensen as the face of their Fall/Winter campaign. I love the pieces for their latest collection. I just wish that they are available here in the states without ordering them from overseas. Not pictured on the campaign was this interesting part hood that goes over a suit jacket. I would definitely buy a few of the pieces from the collection. Aside from the Japanese designers, their Korean counterparts are pretty much neck to neck as the next fashion destination in Asia.

For my fashionistos and fashionistas going out this weekend, be safe and I will see you on Monday!