Monday, October 31, 2011

Runway Monday: Flapper Jack - Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2012 Review

As one of my favorite designers, Thom Browne delivers a very stylish and interesting collection for the S/S 2012. Taking inspirations from the flapper era is genius. Eventhough the show is fun and playful the workmanship on the pieces is extraordinary, nobody can't deny that. It is peculiar, I think, to read some of the comments on the video for the show. Someone commented that whole collection is not wearable at all. I think as a stylist or looking with a "fashion eye" at least, There are a lot of wearable pieces from this collection. The baseball jacket that I love, the suits and outerwear? They are totally wearable. Sure if you walk around town with a look from the show, you might look ridiculous but the goal is to apply what you see from the runway to your daily wardrobe in a cohesive fashion. For example, when you are attending a fashion event, wearing those long pearl necklaces is not quite weird would it.

I hope everybody had a fun weekend. I did. My only regret was due to Saturday's weather in the city, my idea of a dead Tom Cruise from Risky Business was dashed and transformed to a dead mob from one of my favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire. Oh well, there's always next year.

Happy Halloween Everybody! That is a little weird saying that since I already celebrated the Adult Halloween that began Friday night.

If you would like to see the full collection, you can watch it at Thom Browne's official site *here*.