Monday, October 3, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: London S/S 2012 - Menswear Runway Round-Up

I think since that I didn't have a weekend last week, I over compensated by canceling half of the social events I got invited to, except for a dinner with a friend Saturday night. But truth to be told I was more rested. 

And for my fashionistos and fashionistas that has been waiting for the Kanye West show. BARF! Remember Lindsay Lohan? The show production was great but the collection was umm interesting. I just love the tweets for the collection especially by one well known fashionista. She said, 

"The Kanye West show, in my humble opinion, is proof that everyone can love fashion but not everyone can be a fashion designer." 

I totally agree! But at any rate, Here's my London Fashion Week round-up.  

Interesting collection, nothing extraordinary but the womenswear was more interesting than the men's looks.

Remained with the same English heritage of suiting but with a little more modern touch with the cuts and fabrics.

Picnic table collection? Honestly the inspiration was that awkward post-teen early adulthood period where both complexes affect how individual dressed. I didn't really care for the looks.

Does this collection looked familiar? Naming as one of my favorite designers of all time? Well, the Child Of Jago duo is one half son of Vivienne Westwood. There were alot of eccentricities that were similar from both brands. I don't know if Mama's design aesthetic rubbed into son's but regardless the collection was great and quite entertaining.

A youthful collection with tassel details and great color blocking outfits. I personally liked the first look above. If you were familiar with the past collections, you will see the similarities that's been carried from season to season.

Boxy cut outerwear and blazers, not bad but not great either.

A lot of reviews for E. Tautz s/s 2012 collections complained about the trousers' awkward fitting. But I thought it was refreshing and actually liked it. The proportions balanced out the trousers' sweatpants-like bottoms.

First of all, gold oxfords? yes, please! I've always found tailored suit/shorts combo during summertime was a great look. Eventhough not everybody agrees. This was probably one of my favorite collections from LFW.

I love the shirts. I think they looked great especially the multi-textured ones. Not everyday you would be able to wear a jacket with a shirt. So I think it is important to own a shirt that can stand alone without a blazer or a light weight jacket without looking unfinished. One thing that bothered me though from this collection was almost all the shirts were creased. It was distracting.

Snakeskin galore! The texture of the collection was rich and eventhough the color palette was a bit one note it didn't seem liked it because of the texture and smart  combinations with the shiny pieces.

Great sheer and print pieces. I don't personally like the shoes because it made the looks a little cheap. I mean I love keds but not on a fashion show.

I love those brown/white loafers! The hexagonal details in the pieces were a great detail on pieces. Of course some of them were very conceptual but weirdly wearable.

Another favorite of mine, season after season. This time getting inspiration with the underground youth movement in London. I loved the hints of religious symbolism and constriction on some of the pieces and of course the undeniably African details with the rest.

This was by no means the first collection with short shorts but I personally liked this collection. It was very minimalistic from afar but the details up close was phenomenal. I liked how it was not an on your face collection. It was pretty and quiet collection.

 Colors, prints, and innovative designs summed up the three designer's collection. I liked that the three collections were truly unique from each other.

Another great suitings but nothing to really new or truly exciting.

The texture given to the pieces were quite refreshing and gaveve each piece a 3-D-esque quality to them.

I think out of all the collections shown this was by far the most "American" out of all of them. I think it was because it consisted of more laid back pieces than most of the collections shown which totally embodies the American culture and some sense of their fashion.

On trend and great summer basics. The color story of the collection ranged from black to fuchsia. Again a pleasant collection.

Great separates and I actually like the kaftan shirts with the cut outs on the sleeves. The big brim hats showed again.

The men's collection can be summed up with four looks really but presented in different colors. The shear sweater is a little short of amazing. But other than that handsome suiting but just pleasant.

The TopMan show was almost like a recap of what was on the runway back June/July at the Milan/Paris shows. I can name each look and where the inspiration was from. From Prada to the last collection of the D&G line. It is a fast fashion company and they don't really consider themselves a fashion house so I'm not entirely appalled by the show. If more I'm grateful because part of being a fashionisto is knowing when to splurge on something versus when to scrimped on an item.

In this Lodon Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012:

Antipodium. Acquascutum. Bstore. Child of Jago. Christopher Shannon. Daks. E. Tautz. Hardy Amies. James Hillman. James Long. James Small. J.W. Anderson. KTZ. Lou Dalton. MAN (Shaun Samson, Matthew Miller, Martine Rose). Mr. Start. New Power Sutdio. Oliver Spencer. Paul Castelloe.  T.Lipop. Todd Lynn. TopMan.