Friday, October 28, 2011

Preoccupy(ed) - Marlon Teixeira By Santiago Ruisenor

At the height of the "Occupy" movement, it seems like when I post on Facebook about anything remotely what seems like a frivolous lifestyle is countered by a reprimand on the current and recent-past woes of the life of a working-class citizen (regardless it is or not). Well I AM a working American. I'm not burning away on my trust fund, am I? Eventhough I grew up in a well-to-do household, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I'm aware that the money that my siblings and I got from my parents did not grow on the trees in our backyard but due to hard work.  I may be a smart @ss at times but I'm not stupid. I had an education with a humble upbringing, to which I wield to speak my mind.

Are people just being too sensitive nowadays? Perhaps.

On the other hand, knowing that Fashion is certainly not synonymous to "working Americans" and it is certainly a very "elitist" career.  But in my case, I chose this path not because of the grandiose life it can give me but a matter of being part of something that I'm passionate about.

If it makes you happy, it couldn't be that bad, couldn't it?

Marlon Teixeira appears on the latest issue of Elle Man Mexico. The editorial that is called It Takes Time To Be A Man is lensed by Santiago RuiSenor and styled by Pamela Ocampo and Itzhiar Hurtado. Teixeira is outfitted with pieces from the collections of Louis Vuitton, United Colors of Benetton and Gucci to name a few.