Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things That I Want: Coming To America - Woolrich Woolen Mills

We've all been there, Awkward first dates. As much as I like meeting new people dates are just one of those things that I hate. I don't do dates I hang out, meet for drinks or something light. Dinners are so old fashioned and trapping. It's so hard to bail out of a dinner . . . if it happens that it doesn't work out. I think it should be reserved to the second or later dates. A friend once told me go see a movie at least you wouldn't have to talk to them but that negates the idea of the whole "do they have a personality" test.  But hey that's just me. Which my sister simply put as having relationshiphobia. To which I say, when the right person comes all walls will come down.

Unfortunately, that person is not here yet so the walls will stay up.

For this week's Things That I Want post we have one of the most used prints in collections this Spring/Summer, the African/tribal inspired print. The minimalist in me always hated busy prints, I think it's this aversion that I find Hawaiian shirts tragic. There are only few of these tribal prints featured in collections that I liked. One from Burberry Prorsum and the other by Woolrich Woolen Mills. Both are so similar but the other is way more cheaper. A nice shirt to add to my wardrobe collection. The Woolrich Woolen Mills shirt is on sale for $97.50 (orig. $195) at Mr. Porter.

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morganvsmorgan said...

I like that shirt - & it would contrast perfectly with a minimalist wardrobe!