Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ken Doll - Felix Lalonde by Shayne Laverdiere

As busy as I am, I always find myself getting hooked on tv shows. Sure most of the time I end up watching them online/recorded on my dvr but nonetheless it still takes some of my time at night. One thing I hate though, cliff hangers. But I suppose that what makes these shows interesting.

Right now, my current obsession is the Game of Thrones on HBO. The 2nd season finale aired this Sunday and I just watched it last night. Oh great, when it is about to get interesting, I have to wait half a year for the next season to air. What do I do? Buy the books. I don't know if I'll have time to read them but then again I have a few trips lined up. So it might just happen.

In today's editorial, somebody has blond ambition in the form of a Ken doll. Felix Lalonde steps in the perfectly dapper and sometimes dandy wardrobe of the iconic doll. Styled by Patrick Vimbor in pieces by Acne, Costume National, H&M, and Raf Simmons to name a few. The editorial is shot by Shayne Laverdiere for Snap! magazine's 17th issue.

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