Saturday, June 9, 2012

Replaceable - Patrick Friebe by Maciej Bernas

So the weekend is here once more and that means I survived three out of five dates that I have lined up. No, I don't go out on a date on weekends since apparently it means something special. Sad to say, the first three will remain acquaintances. But not like I'm looking for E.S. replacement right away. I'm no hurry so honestly, I don't need to settle to whatever is available.

Well it's going to be a packed weekend of events for me. Here's hoping everybody will have a great weekend. I plan to get out of the city for the weekend, we shall see if I do follow up on that.

I'm closing the week with a very promising new face Patrick Friebe as photographed by Maciej Bernas for Lounge Magazine. The outfits were designed by Hyakinth & Madox. 

I absolutely love how simple the photo story is but yet so powerful. The boy got some serious chops. I don't doubt that we would see a lot from him in the future.

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