Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been There, Done That - Sean O'Pry by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

As part of my personality trait, I hate with a capital letter 'H' changing plans. I know, I know that I have to be flexible since nothing in life is constant . . . well maybe death and taxes, but regardless. I have a schedule and if something changes, it throws off, the whole balance of things. I mean this is why we have schedules though so I can plan accordingly. Oh well, this week hasn't gone the way I really wanted. It's not really that bad but it could be better.

On the bright side, it's Hump Day.

Today we have Sea O'Pry for the Indonesian magazine, DaMan. O'Pry is photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack for the magazine's cover story that included an interview of the model. Canon styles the top model with pieces by likes of Calvin Klein. 

I think it's funny that after dating somebody who's a model and been to New York fashion week a few times now, no body really makes me starstruck anymore. I know pity. Afterall it might just be maturity or what not but realizing that these people are just human just like you and me . . .  well, with a fancier job title.

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