Saturday, June 23, 2012

R E S P E C T - Alejandro Rodriguez, Ferran Calderon, Knut Roertveit, & Graham Winfield by YOYE

Okay, I have a new respect for those manual labor people. Yesterday i was again helping my friend paint for roughly eight hours. My body was hurting like I just did Tough Mudder at the end of the night. Then again, I went to the gym right before too, I guess that didn't help. Resulting to changed of plans of a night out to a night in with some friends. Beer and a movie didn't sound bad at all, topped it off with vanilla ice cream and brownies at the end of the night. I know not doing anything for my diet/work out regimen.

Milan menswear fashion week started earlier today. I know I didn't get home till late but today I woke up to catch a few shows. I mean I wont sleep till after Paris Menswear fashion week anyway.

By the way, the whole changing of the YSL to Saint Laurent Paris was a little jarring but oh well. But I do prefer the YSL more or I'm just used to it.

Happy Weekend everybody!

I'm closing the week of with an editorial that pays tribute to 2012 Olympics that appeared the debut issue of Axel magazine. Alejandro Rodriguez, Ferran Calderon, Knut Roertveit and Graham Winfield were way up the diving boards for photographer YOYE. Esau Yori outfitted the "Olympians" with pieces by Dior Homme and Marc Jacobs.

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