Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trend Thursdays: Picnic Time, Summertime

D&G SS 2011
Oh the picnic blanket collection by D&G. One of the biggest trend this summer is summarized as everything gingham, shirt most specifically. I mean next to plaid, it is one of the most common shirt (pattern/fabric) out there. Since everything these days are tailored, make sure that the shirt fits you well and slim/european cut, if possible. You can find gingham shirts at every preppy store you can probably think of but most of the time they're what I call "my dad's shirt" designer shirts tend to be more cut and fits on the body. I mean it's of the picnic blanket pattern already you don't want anybody to think that YOU are defo wearing a picnic blanket. Another point I would like to point out is how stylists are suggesting to be bold with your color combinations (i.e. green shirt/ blue shorts),  I mean, sometimes we should be realistic though, one, you do not want to look like a walking Christmas tree in the summertime and two, remember: MOST of the time, less is more. two color combinations is good, three, you're pushing it.
As I said yesterday, I'm on vacation right now and trying (the magic word) to do an unplugged vacation, meaning no facebook, email-checking minimized to once a day and no checking in or internet use with known location based apps unless it's an emergency and I mean a real one, i.e. when I get lost, but hey I'm on an island how 'Lost' can I be (hint hint)?

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Funny thing, most of these shirts are on sale! 

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