Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-Week Breather To Say . . .

THANKS!!! I really appreciate the support! I can't believe that sometime a year ago from today I started to write a blog and here we are. Busy, busy bee all week and it looks like for the rest of the month. I have old and new friends coming in, family functions, the big day, and an old girlfriend's wedding coming in the next couple of weeks. Not mentioning the fashion related events I got invited to. But living in one of the major cities in US has its perks i.e. old friends are willing to drive/fly/train/boat? well probably ferry in to where I live, not totally saying I'm opposed to traveling out. Well, happy Hump Day to all!

Photo credit: Mateus Verdelho by Omar Macchiavelli
I must say I'm digging the white hair the Brazilian model was sporting during the Milan/Paris shows. I'm not sure but I think that's a D&G jacket as well.

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