Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Devi . . . err Dapper Wears Prada (Things That I Want . . . Part 6)

Welcome to another post of what I want. To be honest, the first time I saw these shoes I was like Spice Girls?! I actually hated it. but the more I see the more colorful variants on male fashion bloggers like Pelayo, the more I want it. I thought about getting a tri-color variant but to make it timeless I think I'll opt to get a more subdued color like the black (or not). These Prada shoes are amazing because its a wingtip/espadrilles with the jute rope/ trainer bottoms hybrid. I will probably opt for the less platformy ones because of certain reports that you can't bend your feet with the platforms, well umm le duh!  Actually, these shoes made such a big impression that it's coming back for the fall/winter 2011-12 line up, minus the jute rope trimmings and more somber colors. Two things I dread about this buy, one high fashion houses have weird US distribution strategies and two the weird sizing, most shoes that are generally marketed in europe run big, in Prada's case, two sizes big. From the recent forums about the shoes I would have better luck buying them in the tri-color variant or wait till the fall line becomes available and that's why even though I live in a major city, Europeans have better luck with such pieces. I'm giving myself a month and a half to decide because even though I want it right now, I would want to be able to look at these babies later on and say, "Yes I'll wear the Prada shoes today."

S/S 2011
F/W 2011-12

Pelayo with his doubles

A local SF blogger with his tri-color

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