Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Aboard - Ludwig Deutsch by Arcin Sagdic

I'm pretty sure I could speak for everybody that it sorta sucks when things don't go as well as you planned it. Especially when an outside influence, none that you can control, almost takes over. Le sigh! On other news, I just started watching the show on HBO called The Game of Thrones albeit suggestions from friends and family to watch it a few months ago. Alas, I wish I had more time to actually watch and enjoy TV, these days. Well I'm glad it's Hump day! I need my weekend pronto!

In this editorial that showed up on Posh magazine, entitled Oriental Express, Ludwig Deutsch of Modelwerk alongside Ann-Christin posed for Arcin Sagdic for a very steamy pictorial. Styled by Valerie Oster with pieces from Lanvin, Calvin Klein and those Prada shoes that I want. 

You can check out the full editorial (with Ann-Christin) here.   

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