Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do You Remember? - Francisco Lachowski by Michelle Du Xuan

Last night, I reconciled with an old college friend who recently reached out and sent me pictures of him and his little one. I had my hesitations first because I don't really know what might unravel when the dust was brushed away. It has been years. A lot of things had happend in between. Not to mention him leaving my graduating year to play professional football and all. I took him to one of my favorite restaurants, Frances to get some (not so) light dessert and wine. At the end of the night, it made me miss college and time of yesteryears. It felt like a lifetime but in reality it has only been four years since my undergrad. I'm glad I did it. Eventhough we were but shadows of our younger selves, I'm glad that as adults we still had that connection. Time will pass and we will grow old (yikes!) but true compatibility will never fade.

Today is not only the first day of December in terms of the holidays but it is also World AIDS day. It is not only toady but everybody SHOULD be aware of their status. Moreover for young adults in this country who seemed to be less informed. I'm not going to turn this post as a PSA but awareness is prevention.

Have a great weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas.

I'm closing this week with photographs by Michelle Du Xuan featuring top model, Francisco Lachowski. After working for an editorial for L'Officiel Homme China story that I posted a month ago here, the two worked on some additional shots. Lachowski was styled by Benjamin Armand in Givenchy and Julius keeping that warrior theme that we saw on the editorial.

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