Monday, December 31, 2012

Auld Lang Syne - A Farewell To Another Great Year

As I sat here at my desk, in reflection or the fact that I'm still sick I wonder in all honesty, "where did the year go?" I couldn't believe that it's the last day of 2012! As the minutes tick by in this morning hour, I begun to reflect.

Alot has happened this year, professionally and personally.

I changed jobs in hopes to be working to where I wanted to work at in years to come, Menswear accessories. Turning down a promised promotion from my previous company was hard but I have to stay true to my heart. My father once told me, if it doesn't feel right don't do it. So far, I thought I made the right decision.

This year, I also met a few great individuals both professionally and personally. I met one person that I would consider as one of the most genuine people I've met or will probably meet in my lifetime. Helping him out making his house a home was a great way to spend my Summer. I was not talking about just interior decoration but I meant manual labor. That was an experience.

I lost touch with a few, burned some bridges with others and in all while reconnected with some, I'm still very much appreciative with the true friends that I have. Especially my bestie, I love you guys.

Since it was my third and fourth fashion week cycle this year in New York, it was great to see a few people that I had networked with in the past and actually formed a little group there. Thank you guys for keeping me sane during the insane week called Mercedes Benz fashion week. I would also like to thank the designers and their PR people (NYC & SF) for making this year the most fashionable year yet.

Thank you to my family as always for supporting me with all my endeavors. To the most amazing parents that one can have to my brother and my sister for giving me such unbelievable joy with my two new nieces being born this year. That makes three beautiful girls now.

I'm also thankful that I had the chance to actually travel this year, or at least go to places that was not for work. And what truly was the cherry on top of the cake was that I got to go to New York and actually see New York for the first time in a long while. Eventhough it was on the wake of one of the worst storms that the east coast had seen. My company with those days I spent over there was beyond sublime. The fact that certain words were exchanged and would constitue as probably one of the most important life event in ones life made it even more amazing.  But I digress.

That brings me to the most important person in my life right now. I always thought love fitted in one of those one size fits most boxes. It does not. It would never be the same for everybody. When I stopped caring what other people say was when I finally got clarity. I could still remember that Number: Lab show like it was yesterday. Look how far had we gone. Thank you for making my year the most annoying and yet the most loved so far. I love you bubsie! I wish you were here to welcome the New Year with me!

So wether you'll be in one of those exclusive posh black tie soiree, a massively crowded over priced local radio party or in a house party. Be safe. Hopefully this cold/cough would be gone by tonight. I'm wearing Valentino shoes for crying out loud!

Well, it is about that time (not really, but regardless). Let us all raise our bubbly and toast to the New Year. It's been fun, It's been real 2012 but this too shall pass.

I'm closing this last post of 2012 with a scene from the movie Sex and The City. Probably the best moments of the movie. For Auld Lang Syne.

Photo credit: Eian Scully by Kristiina Wilson for "Eian Scully in Burberry"

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