Monday, December 17, 2012

The Weekend, The Surprise & The Rain - James Collins by Joseph Bleu

Oh the weekend came and went like a blur. It was relaxing and yet hectic weekend, especially with my last work week for the remainder of the year for my buyer job. And as a good Uncle, I went to my oldest niece's fifth birthday dinner. When I was shopping for a gift for her I couldn't possibly believe how hard it was to shop for toys!

There was also a nice surprise this weekend for me. It was a short visit but sweet, I thought. Just when I was able to get to sleep by myself, I have a feeling I would be back to square one, when tomorrow comes. I guess it was better than nothing really with ES's birthday coming this week and all. Oh yeah, a couple's night with my sis and my brother happened on Saturday as well. We went to see The Hobbit movie. So, I guess that made it official for us.

Well I couldn't possibly forget the rain. At least, a perfect excuse to wear one of my Burberry Prorsum coats, that rarely see the light of day out here in the west coast.

Well, the one week countdown for Christmas begins today and I'm far from ready! Or are we counting down to the Mayan prophecy "End of Days" this Friday? I can't remember.

We open this week with an editorial made for MMS. Ford Men Direct model, James Colins was caught in the rain with New York based photographer, Joseph Bleu and styled by Jamaal Singleton in sartorial looks that captured dapper under rain.

I always loved Joseph Bleu's projects but this would be my favorite so far. The texture and the drama of the images were just stunning.

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